What not to do on maternity leave


Things to do on maternity leave:

  • Get to know your baby
  • Master breastfeeding and babywearing
  • Change diapers
  • Get your body and mind back in shape
  • Catch up on sleep

Check, half check, check, half check, not even close

Things not to do on maternity leave:

  • Embark on a house search with a hard 2.5 month deadline to be out of your apartment (with a newborn)
  • Buy a house, do updates/repairs and move by the 2.5 month deadline¬†(with a newborn)
  • Accidentally delete all your website content (which you backed up incorrectly) in the process of trying to streamline your digital properties
  • Create or recreate an entire website with whatever remnants you were able to recover from your overzealous account closing

Check, almost check, check, almost check

Since I went back into the full-time workforce (um, two years ago), I’ve cut back significantly on freelancing, sticking to my loyal existing clients and neglecting anything else. But with the loss of most of my stuff (admittedly not much to begin with), I figure it’s a good time to update this place.

Now time to go work on those half checks and almost checks.


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